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Hi! I’m Jenine Ellis,  Managing Director of CoAbility.

I have been in the Disability sector for over 12 years, predominantly working with people with physical disabilities and degenerative neurological conditions.  My mother was disabled in the last years of her life as a result of a stroke, so I also have a lived experience of disability, which helps me see things a little differently.

I started off as a support worker way back when, and steadily moved up the ranks to finally manage one of Victoria’s best-known support agencies for people with Spinal Cord Injuries. As the urge to get CoAbility off the ground became too strong to ignore, I finally finished up there in August 2017.

The one constant in my career has been my focus on enabling clients to achieve their chosen outcomes.

I believe in the NDIS and the reform it is bringing to the disability sector, however, I think it needs passionate people involved on the ground level to make it work.

I founded CoAbility as a response to the need for independent Support Coordinators in Victoria.

Many organisations are providing Support Coordination as part of their wider service offering. However, conflict of interest is proving to be a real issue as they direct clients back to their own services time and again, effectively limiting the clients choice and control.

As the founder of an independent Support Coordination provider, I want to ensure that we use our expertise to build the capacity of our clients by connecting them to services, supports or community networks that are right for them.
I don’t believe that in this sector big is necessarily best, and am always looking for small, boutique providers with outstanding offerings.

The idea of Support Coordination fits perfectly with my person-centred philosophy and values. So basically, everyday I get to do what I love, ensuring people can get the support they need to maximise their potential.

More about Jenine:

  • I married my best friend and soul mate, Cath Ellis in 2015 and live a blissfull life in the hills with our 4 cats and puppy.
  • My 4 children amaze me every day just by being the stunning, caring and accomplished adults that they are. I still look at them and wonder, “How did that happen?”.
  • Travel is my greatest motivator at the moment. I love travelling; it makes me feel alive and invigorated. I love new adventures, meeting new people, seeing new things and trying new foods. I love the ocean, the mountains, small villages, huge cities and road trips.