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Recovery Coaching

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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

What is Recovery Coaching?

What is NDIS Recovery Coaching?

NDIS Recovery Coaching is a personalised support programme under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), specifically tailored to individuals with psychosocial support needs. Our approach goes beyond dealing with mental health challenges; we focus on empowerment, resilience, and achieving personal life goals.

Knowing Mental Health Well

Our Recovery Coaches are not just familiar with mental health; they have specialised training and lived experience in the field. With a minimum of Certificate 4 in Mental Health or Mental Health Peer work, or at least two years’ paid experience, they are uniquely qualified to support individuals in their recovery journey.

Helping in Tough Times

Recovery Coaches are compassionate allies during difficult periods. They offer personalised support, guidance, and encouragement, helping participants stay safe and working towards avoiding similar challenges in the future. Our coaches are committed to your recovery, focusing on your strengths, goals, and resilience.

Connecting Services Together

Our Recovery Coaches excel in building bridges between different sectors like health, education, and social services. They ensure seamless collaboration and coordination, tailoring the support network to suit the unique needs of each participant.

Handling Tricky Mental Health Challenges

Every recovery journey is different, and our Recovery Coaches are skilled in managing diverse mental health challenges. They recognise each participant’s individual strengths and challenges and provide tailored support to enhance personal growth.

Guiding NDIS Plan Usage

Navigating an NDIS plan can be complicated. Our Recovery Coaches assist in finding the right service providers, fostering strong relationships, and resolving any issues related to plan usage, ensuring an effortless experience for participants.

Helping Participants Grow Skills

A central goal of Recovery Coaching at CoAbility is to equip participants with the skills needed to manage their support independently over time. We provide focused, extra help when needed, nurturing empowerment and self-reliance.

What makes our NDIS Recovery Coaches special?

Special Skills

Our Recovery Coaches bring diverse professional backgrounds and deep knowledge of mental health. They manage complex problems with expertise, offering tailored advice that fits each participant’s unique situation.

Focus on Participants

At CoAbility, participant needs and goals are our priority. Our coaches dedicate time to understanding your unique circumstances, personal dreams, and design support to align with your aspirations.

Solving Problems Early

Our proactive approach helps identify and resolve potential problems before they escalate. We work for long-term solutions, not just crisis management.

Strong Links

We’ve fostered robust connections with service providers and professionals across various sectors. Our Recovery Coaches leverage this extensive network to connect participants with the most suitable support.

Building Skills

Our aim is to help participants enhance their skills and confidence in managing support and making informed life decisions.

Good at Talking and Teamwork

We believe in collaboration and clear communication. Our coaches work together with everyone involved, creating a supportive team environment that improves service delivery.

Always Learning

Ongoing learning is a core value at CoAbility. Our coaches regularly engage in professional development to keep up with industry best practices.

Choosing CoAbility means choosing empathy, expertise, and empowerment. We are committed to helping NDIS participants from all walks of life lead fulfilling lives, with a dedicated team that excels in handling complex situations.