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Support Coordination

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Level 2 - Coordination of Supports

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is a service provided by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Its main aim is to help participants of the NDIS make good use of their support plans.

Support Coordination is about connecting participants with the help they need to reach their personal goals. The job of a Support Coordinator is to plan, solve problems, speak up for participants, and communicate with lots of different people. Here’s a simpler explanation of what Support Coordination does:

Connecting with Resources

Support Coordinators help participants find and connect with the help and services they need. This means finding service providers who can best help them, coordinating with these providers, and making sure services are provided without problems.

Building Skills

Support Coordinators help participants improve their skills to manage their support on their own over time. This can involve teaching them about the NDIS, their plan, and how to work with providers effectively.

Helping in a Crisis

If a participant faces a tough situation, the Support Coordinator is there to help. They help the participant get through the problem, connect with the help they need, and make necessary changes to their support plan.

Managing Budgets

Support Coordinators also help participants understand and manage their NDIS funds. They make sure the money is used the best way possible, according to the participant’s plan.

Communicating with Others

Support Coordinators often communicate between participants, service providers, the NDIS, and other important people. They make sure everyone involved is working towards the same goals. The job of the Support Coordinator is not to take control but to help participants reach their goals, encouraging them to be independent and make their own decisions.

How are we different?

CoAbility was created to provide a service that was missing in the NDIS landscape. At that time, no other providers were offering independent support coordination services. This meant many NDIS participants didn’t get the personal care we felt they needed to make the best use of their NDIS plans.

Independent Support Coordination

From the beginning, CoAbility has been about independence. This means our support coordinators don’t have conflicting interests. This ensures we provide fair services focused on the participant. Our independence lets us focus only on the needs and goals of our participants, helping them connect with the most suitable and helpful support.

Innovative Spirit

Being one of the first providers to offer independent support coordination, CoAbility is not afraid to think outside the box. We aim to provide the best services and are always looking for ways to improve to meet the changing needs of our participants.

Diverse Workforce

We are proud to have coordinators with lived experience of disability. We also have LGBTQIA+ coordinators and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) coordinators. We understand intersectionality and how it applies to every participant’s unique needs, and this deep understanding helps us connect our participants with the most suitable support services for their needs.

Support and Empowerment

At CoAbility, we speak up for our participants. We don’t just coordinate services; we help participants understand their plans, make informed decisions, and manage their supports over time. We want to give participants the skills and knowledge to take more control over their lives.

Knowledge and Skill

Being in the field from the early stages of the NDIS, CoAbility knows a lot about the scheme. We have seen the scheme grow and change, and we change with it, always staying up to date with the latest developments and rules. This knowledge lets us help our participants efficiently and effectively.

CoAbility’s focus on independence, having a diverse workforce, empowering participants, and tailored support sets a high standard in support coordination. We’re proud of our work and the positive impact we have on the lives of the participants we serve.