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It was a huge surprise in February when I got a call from Caitlin Moore, the Assistant Director of External Communications in the NDIS Communications and Stakeholder Engagement team, asking me would I be willing to do an interview for the NDIS website.

Caitlin went on to tell me that the NDIS had become aware that CoAbility was doing some great work with people who had disabilities and identified as LGBTQIA and as the NDIS were taking part in this years Mardi Gras, they were looking for some stories to help support what they were doing.

I decided to start CoAbility after seeing a Facebook post where the writer commented that they were LGBTQIA and did not want their Support Coordinator to refer them to the usual faith-based support services. They wanted someone who would find the right service for them. This really struck a chord with me and I thought…I can do that!

As a gay woman, I understood what the writer was talking about.  I understood that while most people wouldn’t think anything of being referred a faith-based service, many LGBTQIA people have had bad or at least negative experiences with religion and don’t necessarily want to take that chance with a service provider.

Thus, the seed for CoAbility was born. Now my next challenge is to become the first Support Coordination company with a Rainbow Tick.

I am a shy person by nature, so while I was hugely excited that our little business had caught the eye of the NDIS, I was also extremely nervous about having my ‘voice’ shared with so many people, but I soldiered on and got over my fear.

I think our article is worth a read; check it out below.

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