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Who is this Budget Calculator for?

This calculator can be used by anyone wanting to break down an NDIS plan.


Follow these steps:

  • Enter the Participants name (for your reference only), the date and the duration of the plan
  • Select the NDIS support category, support item and the quantity of the item
  • Select another row if required, review the breakdown of your plan, print out and save to your device.

NDIS Support Categories

The first two digits in the Item Number represent which NDIS Support Category that Item belongs to.


Assistance with daily life

This support category relates to assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life to enable the participant to live as autonomously as possible.


Transport enables participants to access disability supports outside their home, and to pay for transport that helps them to achieve the goals in their plan.


Consumable are a support category available to assist participants with purchasing everyday use items.

Assistance with social and community participation

These supports enable a participant to engage in community, social or recreational activities. They may be provided in a centre or in community settings at standard or higher intensity rates.

Assistive technology

This category includes all aids or equipment supports that assist participants to live independently or assist a carer to support the participant. It also includes related delivery, set-up and some training support items.

Home modifications

Home modifications include design, construction, installation of or changes to equipment or non-structural components of the building, and installation of fixtures or fittings, to enable participants to live as independently as possible or to live safely at home.

Coordination of Supports

The delivery of Coordination of Supports is to assist strengthening a participant's ability to design and then build their supports with an emphasis on linking the broader systems of support across a complex service delivery environment.

Improved living arrangements

Support is provided to guide, prompt, or undertake activities to ensure the participant obtains and/or retains appropriate accommodation. This may include assisting to apply for a rental tenancy or to undertake tenancy obligations in line with the participant's tenancy agreement.

Increased social and community participation

This category involves supports for participation in skills-based learning to develop independence in accessing the community.

Finding and Keeping a Job

Workplace assistance that enables a participant to successfully obtain and/or retain employment in the open or supported labour market.

Improved relationships

This category is the provision of specialised assessment where the participant may have complex or unclear needs, requiring long term and/or intensive supports to address behaviours of concern.

Improved health and wellbeing

All activities to support, maintain or increase physical mobility or well-being such as personal training or exercise physiology. Physical well-being activities promote and encourage improved physical capacity and health.

Improved learning

This category is for provision of skills training, advice, assistance with arrangements and orientation to assist a participant moving from school to further education.

Improved life choices

This reasonable and necessary support focuses on strengthening the participant's ability to undertake tasks associated with the management of their supports.

Improved daily living skills

This category includes the assessment, training, development and/or therapy to assist in the development or increase in skills for independence and community participation. Supports can be delivered in groups or individually.