NDIS Language
NDISSupport Coordination
September 6, 2018

Demystifying NDIS Language

If you are new to the world of the NDIS the language used can be confusing and a little mystifying. We explain some of the most common NDIS terms to help get a better understanding.

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Information Collection
NDISSupport Coordination
July 31, 2018

Support Coordinators need Information

How much information do you need to share with your Support Coordinator? There are a few key pieces of information that they need to know if they are to serve you well.

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NDISSupport Coordination
January 10, 2018

When do people with disabilities get to retire?

No seriously when do people with disabilities get to retire? Knowing that people with intellectual disabilities age faster than people without disability, I think it is a pertinent question and…
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Young lady on telephone
NDISSupport Coordination
January 5, 2018

Is Support Coordination getting a bad name?

Unfortunately, over the last six weeks or so, I have noticed a trend on social media of people complaining about Support Coordination, and it has me wondering whether Support Coordination…
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November 24, 2017

Invisible Disabilities

There is a great new Australian short film called “Jeremy the Dud” which imagines a world where almost everyone has a disability, and the rare few who don’t are treated…
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