Our Story

We established CoAbility in the middle of 2017 as a direct result of the need for independent Support Coordination providers in Victoria.
At CoAbility we believe that quality, independent Support Coordination can vastly improve a participants NDIS journey. By connecting our clients with carefully chosen support providers who fit with their needs, we are building genuinely authentic connections with excellent results across the board.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple. To build capacity where needed and provide the connections required for people to get the most out of their NDIS plan and live the life they choose.

Our Vision

CoAbility believes in the NDIS and this belief pushes us to make Support Coordination the keystone to getting the most out of each plan that we work with. Our clients can trust that they are getting individualised support when they engage CoAbility.

Our Values


We love what we do and are passionate about the success of our connections.


We treat others with the dignity and respect that we would like to receive.


We will not compromise our standards or yours.


We value and embrace the uniqueness of all people and cultures. Human is the only label we see.


We focus on providing the best service, to achieve the best results. We are always ready to embrace creativity and innovation to achieve excellence.


All feedback, whether positive or negative, is valued and used to improve CoAbility and the service we provide.

Meet Our Team

Each member of our team is hand chosen because of their skills, values and desire to make support coordination a quality experience for all NDIS participants.

Senior Independent Support Coordinators

Amber Ericksen

Amber Ericksen

Inner Gippsland

Hi, I’m Amber Ericksen and I am an independent Support Coordinator at CoAbility.

I have worked in the disability and community services sector for over 18 years. I began working in disability after my son was diagnosed with autism, as I wanted to share my knowledge and provide support to parents of children with a disability. I wanted to make navigating the disability system easier for people experiencing it for the first time.

I have worked in a variety of roles, alongside both children and adults with a disability and their families. I have experience in respite and recreational services, behaviour management, foster care, funding, parenting groups and complex case management, as well as being a caregiver to teenagers with a disability who are residing in out of home care. I have also taught Disability and Community Services courses at TAFE.

I believe in working with clients to provide support and empowerment and believe my strengths include being person focussed, being a good listener and thinking “outside the box” when it comes to problem-solving.

I joined CoAbility as an independent support coordinator to be part of a great team; everyone involved with the business is in it for the right reasons and our combined experience makes for an incredible team.

I am passionate about the NDIS and the opportunities that it can create for each individual person. I am a strong advocate for people living the life that they choose.

Independent Support Coordinators

Alissa Bayliff

Alissa Bayliff

Eastern Melbourne

Hi, I’m Alissa and I’m a CoAbility Support Coordinator in the Eastern Region of Melbourne.

I have been in the disability and youth sector for over 12 years and have been around people with disability my whole life. Growing up I was very close to my cousin who has Down Syndrome. This started my passion and drive to work in the disability world. My experiences with my cousin taught me at a young age to see the person and what drives them, not the disability.

I started out as a disability support worker back when I was 18 and have slowly moved in different directions in the sector. I have worked with a wide variety of people from youth living in residential services under court orders to people recovering from and learning to live with spinal cord injury. My different experiences and roles in the sector have taught me to value diversity and the differences in all people. I love that my job gives me the opportunity to work alongside a wide range of people from different backgrounds and I feel privileged to be able to learn from them all.

I joined CoAbility as an independent support coordinator to be part of a great team; everyone involved with the business is in it for the right reasons and our combined experience makes for an incredible team.

I believed that assisting people to live the life they choose is really fundamental to making the NDIS work and that is our core function at CoAbiltiy!

Lynne Wood

Lynne Wood

Southern Region

Hi, my name is Lynne Wood and I am an Independent Support Coordinator at CoAbility.

I have been working in the disability sector for over 10 years now. My first involvement was working directly with children with disabilities. At the time it just seemed the natural progression for me with having the experience of having a child of my own with a disability. This then led on to becoming more involved with supporting the parents directly in roles including Support Group Facilitator and Family Resource & Support Officer.

And today this is where my passion lays. I feel very passionate about supporting parents who have a child with a disability. To encourage parents to connect to services in their local community and find the supports that is relevant to their situation. And more so now with the NDIS rolling out in our area I can see a real need to support families and individuals in preparation for their planning meetings and to have a thorough understanding of this new pathway, and how NDIS can support them. I also have firsthand experience with NDIS with my son recently becoming a NDIS participant.

I am very excited to be joining the team at CoAbility as an independent Support Coordinator and look forward to supporting families along their NDIS journey.

Karyn Aumont

Karyn Aumont

Central Victoria

Hi, my name is Karyn Aumont and I am an independent Support Coordinator at CoAbility.

I have over 15 years experience working with people living with disability in the community. I believe in providing the highest quality service to my clients while embracing empowerment, wellbeing, participation and engagement.

I have a Certificate IV in Disability, a Diploma of Fitness and an MBA.

I am a registered NDIS provider as a Personal Trainer and also work as a Disability Support Worker with DHHS and Windarring. I am passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals and believe firmly in a holistic approach to health and fitness.

I have a wonderful husband, and together we have 4 equally wonderful children. We live on a 300-acre homestead in Mia Mia, Central Victoria.

I am very excited to be joining Jenine and the team at CoAbility and look forward to bringing quality support coordination to Central Victoria.

Louise Bugeja

Louise Bugeja

Western Melbourne

Hi. I am Louise and I’m a CoAbility Support Coordinator in the Western Region of Melbourne.

I have been in the disability and human services sector for over 20 years. I am person with very lived experience of disability and have fought my way through the maze of services and supports personally for a very long time. I am very passionate about self-advocacy and the rights of people with disability, and worked in the sector where I have been able to support and be a voice for those who have been unable to represent themselves.

From life and professional experience I know everybody is unique and have their own individual needs. Everybody has the right to be heard and to be able to access services and the community to have a fulfilling and rewarding life. I want to assist in ensuring this happens.

I joined CoAbility as I belief in their vision of ‘…making Support Coordination the keystone to getting the most out of each NDIS plan’ for our clients. Being with CoAbility is being a part of a team focused on providing a quality service, and being rewarded by seeing our clients achieve their goals.

Donald Mandaza

Donald Mandaza


Mahen Dharmasinghe

Mahen Dharmasinghe

Southern Region

Hi, I am Mahendra Dharmasinghe and I am an independent Support Coordinator at CoAbility.

I have worked in the Disability, Mental Health, Aged and home and Community Care Sectors for over 8 years.

My experience by way of day to day involvement in the lives of aged and disabled persons has helped me gain a deep understanding of their caring needs, barriers faced by people with varying disabilities and their struggle to overcome them. My passion to give them something more than the day to day support and assist them on their path to happiness and success has driven me extend my services as an independent support coordinator.

I have completed a Diploma in Community Services (Case Management) and Certificate IV in Nursing, which has helped me expand my core skill set, allowing me to provide the best possible service to my clients

I am a compassionate and resourceful independent support coordinator, equipped with experience in client assessment, implementing plans and collaborating with services to provide the best care support.
I will do my best to help achieve your goals and find the right provider for you.

With the amazing support framework offered by the Team at CoAbility I am excited to meet you and extend my services to create the best available support arrangement for you.

Marcela Haralampidis

Marcela Haralampidis

NEMA and Hume Moreland

Hello there, I am Marcela Haralampidis and I am an Independent Support Coordinator at CoAbility.

I have lived experience with disability as I am a bilateral, below knee amputee for the past 6 years.

My resilience and strength helped me to live an independent life, achieve full potential and allowed me to be who I am now - a strong, motivated person.

I like to now reach out to amputees across Victoria and people with disability and help you to realise your full potential through NDIS.

All my working career I have worked in fast-paced space in Banking and Finance and now I am ready to change my career path and work as an Independent Support Coordinator at CoAbility. I have been able to navigate NDIS and achieve positive outcomes for me and now will achieve the same for you!

I share the same vision and values as CoAbility, therefore I am proud to be a part of their inspiring team!

Ruby Cattell

Ruby Cattell

NEMA and Hume Moreland


Melody Damiano

Support Coordinator


Francine Kirkwood

Inner Gippsland

Peter Emptage

Peter Emptage

Macedon Ranges/Mount Alexander

Hello. My name is Peter Emptage. I’m an independent Support Coordinator working around the Macedon Ranges and Mount Alexander regions.

I have been working within the disability sector for 12 years now in a variety of roles. From providing individual support to adults with acquired brain injuries and chronic ventilator dependency to working alongside young people with disabilities within recreational and educational settings. I’ve found the diversity of people I engage with in my work to be very inspiring.

In all these settings, I am guided by the principles of person-centred care. I wholeheartedly believe that with the right support, all people can lead a fulfilling life in connection with themselves and their community. As such, I bring to the CoAbility team a desire to listen and communicate the needs of clients in a manner that both enables and empowers.

My other interests include playing music with friends and family, studying Mandarin Chinese, bushwalking and playing with my two dogs, Mallee and Diggity.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the CoAbility team of support coordinators and I look forward to providing a quality service aimed at assisting my clients to get the most out of the NDIS.


Trina Clarke

Inner Gippsland

Misty McCleery

Misty McCleery

Metro Melbourne


Sharon Angus

Southern Region


Kate Ashton

Western Region

Tessie Clark

Tessie Clark

NEMA and Hume Moreland

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Independent Support Coordinator

Specialist Support Coordinator


Maggie Abdelmalak

Specialist Support Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Maggie Abdelmalak and I am an Independent Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator with CoAbility.

After graduating as a social worker in 2001, I spent the following 14 years working in community health in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. I worked in the generalist casework/counselling team, refugee health and multi-disciplinary diversity teams. I learnt to collaborate and coordinate across disciplines and develop treatment plans that were holistic and person-centred across all (dis)abilities.

Over the years, I learnt that good communication and trust is the key to good outcomes, and that it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ model. I like to listen to your story and the things that are meaningful to you.

After I said goodbye to community health, I became an NDIS Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator in 2016 due to my experience and knowledge working with complex physical and psycho-social health. CoAbility is now a great choice for me as an Independent Support Coordinator due to their passion working within the diversity space.

Sarah Lister

Sarah Lister

Specialist Support Coordinator

Quality Consultant

Sharron Andrea

Sharron Andrea

Quality Consultant

Hi, I’m Sharron Andrea.

My experience in life has included over 30 years working alongside some awesome individuals living with disability. I have experience in Employment, Accommodation, Day Programs, Respite Programs, Case Management and Auditing…. Phew! Lots of knowledge and diversity to share.

I know one thing that works across all areas is Teamwork. The CoAbility team has incredible knowledge, skills, strengths and attitudes as well as some lived experience, so we have a real understanding.

One of the constants in my extensive career has been ensuring that Choice and Control belong to the client at all times.

I feel fortunate to be invited to share the life journey of many people that I meet and I attempt to walk softly through their lives and leave people in a stronger place than when I commenced.

I believe the NDIS will eventually provide the framework for the Disability Sector that will be sustainable, once the bumps and hiccups are ironed out, and I am excited about my participation in the scheme, to support individuals to make great things happen in their lives, and to support independent providers to meet quality standards while supporting the people who need it, really excites me.

Operations Team

Jenine Ellis

Jenine Ellis

Founder and Director

Hi! I’m Jenine Ellis, Founder and Director of CoAbility.

I have been in the Disability sector for over 12 years, predominantly working with people with physical disabilities and degenerative neurological conditions. My mother was disabled in the last years of her life, which helped me see things in the industry a little differently.

I started off as a support worker way back when, and steadily moved up the ranks in disability services. The one constant throughout this journey has been my focus on enabling clients to achieve their chosen outcomes.

I believe in the NDIS and the reform it is bringing to the disability sector, however, I think it needs passionate people involved on the ground level to make it work.

I founded CoAbility as a response to the need for independent Support Coordinators in Victoria.
Many organisations are providing Support Coordination as part of their wider service offering. However, conflict of interest is proving to be a real issue as they direct clients back to their own services time and again, effectively limiting the clients choice and control.

As the founder of an independent Support Coordination provider, I want to ensure that we use our expertise to build the capacity of our clients by connecting them to services, supports or community networks that are right for them.

The idea of Support Coordination fits perfectly with my person-centred philosophy and values. So basically, every day I get to do what I love, ensuring people can get the support they need to maximise their potential.

Cath Ellis

Cath Ellis

Director of Learning

Hi, I'm Cath!

I've surrounding myself with all things learning for over a decade. I prides myself on my diversity of skills including eLearning design and development, video, web and graphic design.

Founding Cath Ellis Learning Design in 2013, my main strength is bringing multiple creative services together to create a seamless, cohesive and holistic offering to the learning sector.

Cath Ellis Learning Design and CoAbility recently won the following three LearnX Impact Awards for the CoAbility Induction:
- Platinum (Best New eLearning Adopter Project)
- Gold (Best eLearning on a Budget)
- Finalist (Best Induction/Onboarding Project)


Sarah Irwin

Business Development Manager


Hollie Ryan

Accounts Manager

Marie Hampton

Marie Hampton

Office Assistant

Happiness Consultants



Senior Happiness Consultant

Loves running after balls.


Junior Happiness Consultant

Always stealing clothes out of the dirty laundry basket.

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